Rōmaji Dolce
Occupation Cell Phone Novelist
Family Members
Family Members N/A
Voice Actors
Drama CD N/A
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 6

Dolce is Yukina's cell phone novelist rival. His identity is later revealed to be Hisame.



See Hisame Kitami


Yukina HimuroEdit

Dolce is a fan of Yukina's work. Before their meeting, Yukina refers to Dolce as a 'she'.


Dolce has been Yukina's cellphone rival towards the beginning of the story. They are always competing for first place on popularity polls. His novel is about a secret romance between a prince and a maid.

When Yukina's novel fell into 10th place, she received an email from Dolce expressing his concern and to encourage her to keep writing. Yukina later reveals this fact to Hisame, allowing him to discover Yukina's cell phone novelist's identity.

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